The TV of the future may have a spherical shape

At the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, International CES, held at the begining of January, a new prototype of television was presented, in the form of a sphere.

The prototype was exhibited at the long awaited event. The device is the result of collaboration between several international companies and was created to watch video at 360 degrees. From French companies Ateme and Kolor, specialized in software and assembling video images, the British company Pufferfish Displays that produces spherical projection modules, to Finnish technology group Finwë, they all have contributed to this achievement.

Although the current devices allow viewing clips at 360 degrees, the spherical shape of the new TV adds a new dimension, which "can enrich the experience of a concert or a sporting event," said Mike Antonovich, director of the company Ateme on the African continent.

"You can look at it from different angles, so if you watch a concert, you may want to find yourself in public, and then change your place to be in the middle of the group," he explained.

360 degrees images are used for years by services such as Google Maps, but according to Ateme, this this technology is more difficult to use for live television.

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