The new devices from Apple officially presented

Apple Watch was the star of the event, the company's first new product in the last five years.

Prices were much higher than expected, the cheapest Apple Watch costing 349 dollars, but also reaching up to $ 10,000.

The gadget aims at providing information from the wrist and opens a wide market of wearable technology products, according to Bloomberg. The watch comes with a battery that can have a lifespan of 18 hours and can be easily customized, coming in two sizes, the Sport model costing $ 349 and $ 399, while the price of high-end version of Apple Watch starts from $ 10.000. It shows text messages and emails and can be used as a monitoring device for health and fitness performance, while also completing the list of devices that work with Apple Pay, the new mobile payment system of the company.

"Apple Watch is the most advanced watch ever created, a revolutionary way of connecting with others. It is incredibly accurate, has a traditional face but also a digital face, full of details. Or simple, elegant face, without any figure. One that express time in a way never seen before, or simply funny one," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO.

It can be preordered starting with April 10 and will reach users in 9 countries on April 24.

At the same event, the company presented the thinnest MacBook ever produced of only 13.1 millimeters.

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