Microsoft presents the new Lumia smartphone, giving up the name of Nokia

The company launched a new model of smartphone, finally abandoning the Nokia name and killing such a well-known brand.

Microsoft Lumia 535 will go down in history as the first handset released under the Microsoft brand after acquiring Nokia and is marking the final demise of Nokia, opening a new chapter for the company's mobile division.

So far, Lumia smartphones, although known for bright colors and top cameras have not achieved good sales, but this launch Microsoft wants to increase sales on the phone.

The new phone has shown that Microsoft has dropped the Nokia brand for its portable devices with Windows Phone. The device is addressed primarily to Russia, China and India, but in the coming months will reach other European countries.

The design is very similar to other Lumia devices on the market. Phone price can reach 110 euros all taxes included and is available in white, black, orange, cyan and green.

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