A new app calculates the probability of a plane crashing

iPhone launched a new application that can calculate the odds of a plane to crash.

The application was created by Vanilla Pixel, a software company in London. The user can access the option to calculate the probability of the plane he is in to crash.

It uses three variables - the airport of departure and arrival airport, airline and airplane model. With this information, the application "Am I Going Down?" calculates the risk of the plane included in the equation to crash.

For example, a passenger embarks on London's Heathrow Airport, bound for Milan. Find out the model of the aircraft, which in this case is the Airbus A319, operated by British Airways. The application shows that the flight has a probability of collapse of 1 to 4.800.000.

The method to analyze data and to provide results weren’t made public, but it seems to be a weighted average that takes into account the number of air accidents that occurred in the past for each of the three variables.

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