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Nokia Money - Coming Soon To A Cell Phone Near You   It seems Nokia is managing to stay in the news this week - first with news of the release of their new Booklet 3G, and now Nokia plans on introducing new service - called 'Nokia Money'. Simply put, Nokia Money is all about sending and receiving payments, using nothing but your mobile phone. The giant cell ph... read more

European law could limit iPod volume In a bid to prevent millions of people damaging their hearing, the European Commission wants personal music players to default to a "safe" sound level and to warn users if they turn up the volume too high. And newly published research from the US confirms that the danger is real. The commission has asked Cenelec, the European con... read more

Ten tips to buy a good laptop   1. Be aware of the warranty    One of the most overlooked issues when buying a laptop is the warranty. In the excitement of the new toy you don't even care about this. However, when the laptop has a problem this can be a real headache. Make sure that you get informed if the warranty for your equipment is good enough.... read more

Technology Sound and Vision Blockbuster preparing for September bankruptcy The next few months might prove to be the swansong of Blockbuster Video. According to the Los Angeles Times, the company has been discussing with movie studios its intentions to file for bankruptcy in September. Over the last week, Blockbuster executives have met with the heads of six Ho... read more

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