The Safest Airlines in the World

A recent study conducted by rated 448 airlines according to their safety level and the top ten safest airlines in the world include three Middle East airlines.

The report showed that 2013 was considered the safest year for flying, since 1945 with only 29 accidents, below the 10- year average of 32 accidents.

If you are a nervous flyer read this and maybe your anxiety will be lower next time you are on board of a plane.

The first place was occupied by Australian carrier and Emirates partner Qantas, managing to maintain its record as the world’s safest airline, having zero fatalities in its history. The second place was taken by Air New Zeeland and the following two are Middle East airlines: Emirates and Etihad. The other ME airline that made its way into top 10 safest airlines is Royal Jordanian on the tenth place.

Cathay Pacific occupied the 5th place, followed by Singapore Airlines. Virgin, Eva Air and Royal Jordanian were also included in this top 10.

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