London airports disruption over as fog disperses

Although passengers are being asked to double check with airlines, it looks like the delays and cancellations caused by fog at Heathrow and London City airports are now over. Poor visibility meant that 104 arrivals and 120 departures at the UK’s busiest airport had to be cancelled.

At London City, 18 departures and 13 arrivals had to be cancelled on Monday. A Heathrow Airport spokesman said that the fog was now dissipating and that there were no more flight restrictions being put in place. Around 1,300 aircraft use Heathrow on a daily basis. A City Airport spokesman also confirmed that there were no more problems.

On Sunday, a number of airlines affected by the weather conditions were able to book passengers onto other flights. Some domestic services were replaced by coaches, and some travellers accepted being put up in a hotel until the situation improved.

Some passengers have complained that queues at immigration were taking a long time to clear, and others have said that inefficiency at passport control could give foreign visitors a bad impression. A spokesman for the UK Border Agency said that extra members of staff had been brought into work to help deal with the extra number of passengers.

Eurocontrol, the European agency in charge of flight management, said severe weather was causing problems for airlines and passengers in Zurich, Paris, Oslo, Vienna, Brussels and Amsterdam. In the UK, weather warnings were issued for the South East and East of England, the West and East Midlands, and Yorkshire and Humberside.

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