Privacy Policy user privacy is very important to us in order to maintain a good long-term relationship with our visitors and customers. The following Privacy Policy describes the way stores and uses user data.

Visitor user data

Visitors to are not required to submit any personal information prior to becoming customers. myPLANETguide .com collects the following information about visitors which is sent by default when browsing any website:

  • IP Addresses of visitors
  • Browser and operating system versions
  • Visitor source (referral sites)

All the information above is collected for internal statistics which allows us to optimize the website for a better user experience. The information can also be used to identify fraud and hacking attempts from malicious visitors. DOES NOT share this information with any third parties unless is required to by legal authorities.

Customer user data

Our customers are required to provide the following data:

  • A valid email address
  • Full name
  • Home Address

The email address is vital for the buying process, the orders will be sent to your email address. Your full name and home address are required for us to create your invoices. DOES NOT require and WILL NOT store sensitive billing data like credit cards, bank accounts, etc. Our transactions are processed by PayPal and we will only receive and store the email address used to make the payment. WILL NEVER sell any customer user data to any third party nor it will disclose it to any third party unless is required to by legal authorities.

Because security is one of our main concerns, is working with world-known security experts to ensure user data protection and to protect against malicious users. Our security experts, well-known for their internet security publications, have created sophisticated firewalls which are tested daily and all outside actions are logged and analyzed.
Working with PayPal provides better security for users because they will never have to enter sensitive billing information in our website and, from the way PayPal works, will never receive any sensitive billing information for any users.
Because our security experts have a history in helping legal authorities in identifying internet crime, will report all malicious attacks which will result in legal actions against all of them.

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