The best vacations for this summer

The summer is far from over and for those who love to travel, National Geographic made a top of the best places to visit during this hot season.

The first such place is Machu Picchu in Peru, an Inca site which dates from the fifteenth century. It is considered a place of mystery and beauty, legends saying that it used to be a secret ceremonial city. Its ruins were discovered by Hiram Bingham and it remains one of the most enigmatic ancient places worldwide. It can’t be seen from the base of the mountains and is completely bordered by natural terraces offering stunning views.

The list can easily include Arizona, located in the western United States, known for its dessert area. By day, the dramatic landscape carved in red stone is popular for bikers, off-road and hikers. By night we have a different landscape, the full attention moving on to the superb sky, offering unique celestial phenomena, such as the blue moon.

Neither Athens should be ignored this summer. Despite the problems the country is facing, the capital still offers, besides the known monuments, some interesting events. This year, you can experience international theater, opera and music in a variety of modern and classical places during Epidaurus Festival.

Singapore hosts its largest celebration of National Day. The young city turns 50 on August 9, and the 4-day event planned to celebrate it is perfect for visitors to observe the creative energy of Singapore.

Victoria, Australia is the perfect place to escape the summer heat. Resorts offer numerous activities here such as dog sleigh rides, ski slopes, and more.

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