Natural resources finished more quickly

The resources generated by Earth are consumed faster with each passing year.

In 2015, the annual resources have been exhausted on August 13, a week earlier than last year. According to data from Global Footprint Network, that means two months earlier than 15 years ago. What the planet generated for a year, we consumed in just eight months.

Global Footprint Network studies nature’s possibility to meet the demands of humanity. Biocapacity seems to be exceeded by the requirements of people and we reached a point called Earth Overshoot Day. This day is the day in which the Earth's regenerative power is exceeded by humanity’s demands. Humanity’s excessive ecological consumption is becoming increasingly evident, and the final results will be irreversible.

"Although we have all the data at hand, instead of managing our consumption, primarily by more efficient use of our resources, our consumption increases and the regenerative capacity of the planet decreases. Last year, we used resources globally as though we had 1.5 planets, putting an immense strain on nature, and this year we got to the point of consumption deficit a week earlier." said Magor Csibi, WWF Romania director.

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