Is life on another planet possible?

Astronomers have recently discovered an exoplanet that seems to be extraordinarily similar to Earth.

The planet was named Kepler-45b after the mission the astronomers were when they made the discovery. According to, "Earth's bigger cousin" is 60% larger than our planet and it revolves around its own star, being situated 5 percent further from the sun. One complete rotation takes place in 385 days. Being larger than our planet, the gravity would be higher than we are used to and explorers would feel twice as "heavy".

Life on this planet would be very different than on Earth, and a group of researchers have tried to describe it according to those discovered so far. Jon Jenkins, one member of the mission said that it would be challenging for starters.

"Potential visitors may, however, rise to the challenge. In the end, firefighters and those who climb mountains backpacking are carrying burdens, imitating the effect of gravity on Kepler. If we get there, we would become stronger. Our bones will be stronger; it's like going to the gym every day. In the long term, gravity on this planet would lead to significant changes in the bodies of potential settlers. ", added John Grunsfeld, former astronaut.

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