Apple recorded sales lower than originally expected

Although the company sold more than 51 million smartphones during October-December 2013, analysts estimated much higher income for the first months of the fiscal year.

Analysts estimated 54.7 million units sold and revenues of $46.1 billion. Even after launching the iPhone through the world's largest telecom operator, China Mobile, Apple announced future revenues of approximately $42-44 billion for the current quarter. If it will record revenues of less than $43.6 billion, revenues recorded from January to March last year, the company will face first quarterly drop starting with 2013.

The results of the first fiscal quarter led to lower stock prices by 9.1% on electronic platforms.

On the other hand, the revenues registered in October-December exceeded analysts' expectations. They went up by 5.7% to $57.6 billion and $14, 5 per share after Bloomberg specialists estimated $ 14.07 per share and revenues of $57.5 billion.

Financial results indicate the need for a new product after sales fell in the U.S. because of low popularity of iPhone 5C, a cheaper model that was not as popular as the more expensive version, the iPhone 5S. A new release may restart growth.

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