Sport is not enough to fight obesity

According to a recent study, sport is not enough to solve the problem of obesity.

It must be combined with a healthy diet, as shown in a recent study mentioned by site. The research was published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine and was conducted by three specialists in cardiology, medicine and biology. They aimed to show that obesity and other related health problems are not associated only to lack of activity.

The study showed that obesity occurs most often due to diet, giving the example of the Westerners where the levels of sport are high but the obesity rates increase dramatically.

Thus, it is concluded general research, namely that obesity is based on unhealthy diet. A misconception has been implemented and the food industry, associating only with sport obesity solution.

"This false perception was rooted in the machinery of public relations and food industry, which use tactics similar to those used by absolute giants of the tobacco industry and other fields," mentioned the three researchers.

Mark Baker, one of the authors and researcher at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence stressed that no one should give up sport, but always associate it with a "healthy food hygiene."

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