Reasons why sugar is bad for your health

Sugar is found in almost every drink or processed food we consume and there are some reasons why sugar is not good for your body.

According to a recent report issued by World Health Organisation (WHO), sugar in all its forms cause damages to health and can lead to many problems. Not even fructose, the sugar in fruits, is recommended. 

We have a wide variety of problems caused by eating too much sugar, including fatigue, depression, bowel problems, constant hunger, or mood swings. A high amount of sugar can make us cranky, keeps us hungry and also it can speed up the aging process and cause wrinkles.

But it’s not only processed food that we should be aware of. Fructose - which is found in fruit - is now deemed to the most damaging sugar forms. When juicing fruits you are eating way to much sugar, without the fibres that come with the whole fruit.

One of the effects sugar can have on your body is making you feel tired. Sugar and carbohydrates make your body convert it to glucose giving a blood sugar high. But after an hour, that high will drop, leaving you feeling drained and tired. It can also contribute to a depressing mood. Too much sugar can age our brain cells affecting the production of dopamine, leading you to get more and more addicted to it. According to experts, it can also causes stress on your adrenal glands, contributes to depression, bad moods and lethargy.

Other aspects regarded to excessive sugar consumption include teeth decay and bowel problems. It can also lead to type 2 diabetes and muscle ache and it keeps you malnourished.

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