Physical and intellectual exercises can protect our brain activity

Physical and intellectual activity performed daily, along with a healthy diet, can be a great help in protecting the brain and the fight to prevent its illness.

According to the president of Romania Neurology Society (RNS), Dafin Muresanu, we should not neglect sustained physical activity and cognitive activity combined with a healthy lifestyle. These, mixed with a dose of optimism and positivism can do wonders for the brain shield.

"Although it represents only 2% of the weight of the human body, the brain is irrigated with 20% of the total blood that nourishes the body, consumes 14% of all required oxygen and 16% of total body glucose that brings energy. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with physical and intellectual activities daily, and with a healthy diet can strengthen the brain's protective shield and implicit avoid the disease," said Muresanu at the tenth edition of the International Summer School of Neurology.

No treatment replaces these exercises and are suitable for any age.

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