Electronic cigarettes are not the solution to quit smoking

According to several studies, electronic cigarettes are not effective when it comes to quitting smoking on long term.

They contain many substances that make them carcinogenic. Acrolein, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde are just some of the toxic substances that are found in electronic cigarettes. Often they are seen as alternative to traditional smoking and the solution to quit the habit. So far, there is no evidence showing that aided manufacture cigarettes would be effective in stopping smoking.

These devices can help smokers to stop smoking for a while, after which they will return to regular cigarettes. One of the reasons that cigarettes electronic lead users back to traditional ones is the issue of withdrawal gesture. The automatism of lighting up the cigarette and carrying it to the mouth will continue, a gesture that later will send the smoker to old habits.

Researchers have mentioned a number of adverse effects such as cough, throat irritation, shortness of breath and even irregular heartbeat.

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