A new Ebola vaccine has proven effective in testing stage

A new vaccine has proven effective against the virus that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the testing stage in Guinea, the new vaccine has proven 100% effective. The importance of this vaccine is fundamental, since Ebola has produced over 11,000 deaths since December 2013.

VSV-ZEBOV was tested on 4.000 people in contact with confirmed cases of Ebola. The vaccine was effective after ten days from the administration, recording "remarkable" results. The tests began on March 23, but the researchers waited until July 26 to make public the results. Marie Paule Kieny, expert in vaccines, said during a press conference that the world may be about to have an effective Ebola vaccine.

The Gavi Alliance will provide financial support for acquisition of the vaccine after it is approved. According to the WHO Director General, Margaret Chan, VSV-ZEBOV could "change the approach of the current outbreak of Ebola and future outbreaks."

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