The patch that fights against food allergies

A French company released a patch that helps against various types of food allergies, including those caused by milk or peanuts.

According to, DBV is a company specializing in biotechnology and it released this patch that is effective against some types of food allergies, catching the attention of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After being listed for New York stock market, the company managed to raise over 240 million dollars.

The patch looks very much like one against smoking, an adhesive stamp called Viaskin. Currently, it would be the only effective treatment on the market, part of a wider strategy of desensitizing people to allergies. It can be achieved through very low dose exposure to allergens, the patch containing up to 100 micrograms. The technique is called "epidermal immunotherapy" and proves effective after 3-6 months.

Tests were conducted on patients allergic to pollen, peanuts, milk and it proved to be an effective treatment.

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