Studies show that music improves the taste of food

A recent study that took place in the Sony Multi-Room Sonic Wonderland shows that certain sounds produce different reactions to food taste.

The Sensory tests were applied to 50 members from six countries in Europe the main focus was to prove the food sonic seasoning with local music.

One of the conclusions noted that high sounds produce a stronger taste of sweet foods, while bass makes us believe that the food that we eat is bitter.

Regarding the culinary contact with the local music, those who took part in the test concluded that French food is more delicious if in the background is completed by a French song on the accordion. The same situation was true in terms of Italian, Spanish, Greek and German cuisine.

Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University believes that the best spices for food are the musical ones, on the same pace with different cuisines. Following this test, it concluded that music really can improve the perception of taste.

"We taste using our senses, not our mouth; the tongue does not feel the taste of dishes, but the brain is the one that prepares the mouth for the flavorings that it will feel. The sound around us has an important effect on culinary experience, music can change the taste and intensify the experience," says Charles Spence.

Other findings have shown that drinking wine seem more expensive accompanied by classical music, alert music reduces the taste experience, while soft music makes the taste more persistent.

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