The allergen of 2013 is still present in many products

The substance declared allergen of 2013 is still in wide use in omposition of cosmetics, including some dedicated to children.

It's metilizotiazolinona, a compound that is found in popular cosmetics but is very dangerous. Companies have been warned by dermatologists about the reactions that this substance can have on the skin when used for specific products, but they still are on the market.

The substance may lead to skin allergy caused by cosmetics that do not require rinsing, like hair conditioner.

Metilizotiazolinona is used as a preservative for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, and in 2013, the European Commission requested that this compound no longer be used in cosmetic products that remain on the skin, like creams. The substance can be used in products that are removed from the skin but in minimal concentrations.

The measures should apply to products launched after July 16, 2015, and many companies still use metilizotiazolinona because it is not illegal. It is also found in shampoo, shower gel, detergents, cleaning products and paints.

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