Natural homemade cosmetics

Herbal cosmetics have been used since ancient times, when there were no beauty salons or many products available in stores.

Women would age more beautiful because they used nature as an ally in the fight against time and caring for their skin with cosmetics prepared at home. Thus, they were made only from natural ingredients, herbs, vegetables, fruits, without various harmful substances contained in cosmetic products currently found on the market. Natural cosmetics are easy to prepare and very effective.

Black tea is one of the best solutions when it comes to tired and puffy eyes. Two disks soaked in tea and kept in the refrigerator, can do wonders applied on the eyelids. Yarrow Tea with its antiseptic effect help reduce blackheads, pimples and help maintain a clean and smooth complexion. Other types of teas that can be used for skin care are chamomile or calendula, being emollient, antibacterial, healing and toning.

For oily skin, a natural solution is represented by a lotion of 2-3 drops of rosemary oil that cleans pores, 15 ml of tincture of sage with antiseptic 50 ml of water and witch hazel. Reducing enlarged pores and skin whitening can be done with the lemon juice applied directly to the face.

The list of medicinal plants that can be used in many problems such as teeth whitening, skin fungus, dandruff, hair loss, is a vast one.

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