Harmful skin habits

Beauty comes from body health and the skin is a mirror that reflects the state of the entire human mechanism.

In order to avoid skin troubles on short, medium and long term and to avoid premature aging and damage we have to give up certain habits that are bad for us.

One of the main harmful actions to skin health is prolonged exposure to the sun without protection. An unprotected skin will be affected by burns, stains and other lesions. Therefore, in summer, even a walk in the park should not be taken without using sunscreen.

Another gesture that we do without realizing is touching the skin repeatedly. Whenever we touch it, we make a transfer of impurities from the hands to the skin and will soon notice pimples.

Hot showers affect skin elasticity and should be avoided. Very hot water destroys the first layer of epidermis and cause dryness by removing the natural oils produced by the skin. Excess steam baths also lead to a dry skin, predisposed to irritation, sensitivity, sebum excess and pimples.

We must not forget coffee because it plays an important role in the apparition of wrinkles and dry skin. Less coffee and enough hydration mitigates these negative effects.

Enough sleep helps cell regeneration and must be respected in order to avoid looking tired and having a dull skin.

Not complying with the main meals of the day and certain foods lead to a faster aging of the skin. Sweets, pasta, fat and alcohol in excess are just some of the enemies of skin beauty. Specialist advice is to include in our daily diet sources of vitamin C (citrus), E (avocado), A (sweet potatoes), which are useful in skin repair.

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