Essential vitamins against aging

Vitamins play an essential role in the fight against aging and represent a natural solution that can slow the effects of time.

Although cosmetics can help us to hide or mitigate these effects, a diet rich in vitamins is the best choice for a healthy body, always young. Five essential vitamins have proven effective in this process, especially for the skin.

"If you start to follow a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and antioxidants will definitely be able to counteract some of the effects of aging. Just because you have over 50 years does not mean you cannot get the desired effects now. Clean your diet and add healthy foods, regardless of age, "says Patricia Farris from Old Metairie Dermatology in the US state of Louisiana, according to

The first vitamin in our list is Vitamin C found in fruits and is very important in the production of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity. The same vitamin helps maintain healthy bones, teeth and works as a wrinkle remedy. Vitamin A is available in fruits and vegetables such as carrots, mango, turnips and sweet potatoes, with antioxidant effects. It slows the breakdown of collagen, helping to maintain a healthy immune system, but is also good for a better skin.

Vitamin D plays an essential role in bone health and calcium absorption. It is produced by the body during exposure to the sun, but can also be found in fatty fish, some dairy products and egg yolk. Vitamin K can be found in almost all green vegetables. It plays a role in preventing bruises, especially after the age of 50, helping to maintain collagen in epithelial tissue and keeps skin thickness.

Vitamin E has great effects on the skin, especially when combined with vitamin C. This vitamin is one of the most powerful antioxidants available in nature, helping against the negative effects of sun exposure.

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