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Fashion illustrations over four decades                60’s/70’s /80’s /90’s     The sixtiesIn the ‘’swinging sixties’’, youth culture  was  predominant, and being young carefree and abandoned was the fashionable ideal. The emer... read more

ALEXANDER McQUEEN Alexander McQueen's last works were given final honors by his trusted team in a hushed and dignified showing that went to his core as a designer who scaled the heights of couture accomplishment. Sarah Burton, his right hand, described how, in beginning this collection, McQueen had turned away from the world of the Internet, which he had so po... read more

Tips To Get Smoky Eyes Preparing your eyelids is the first step. The best way to avoid the eye shadow melting into your eyelid crease during the day is to keep your eyelids oil free. An eye shadow base to start with can help this. Before you apply the shadow or an eye primer you can consider applying a bit of ‘paint’ on the lids. Apply your ... read more

Latest Hair Styles for the Occasion There is some basic information you need to know before you start looking at short latest hair styles or wondering if you should go blonde or keep your black hair. Styles are determined by hair type, facial configuration, and length of cut. Short hair means those cuts that fall above the jaw line. Long hair styles fall below the... read more

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