Best electric cars for 2015

There are more and more environmentally friendly cars on the market.

According to editors at Kelley Blue Book and, there are a couple of cars that prove to be more fuel-efficient than others.

These electric cars use the energy stored in batteries for vehicle propulsion. Their motors are the clean solution and a safe option to internal combustion engine, giving the cars instant torque, creating a strong and smooth acceleration.

We open the list with BMW i3 featuring 81 miles of electric range, followed by Volkswagen e-Golf with 83 miles and Nissan Leaf with 84 miles. It is also completed by Toyota Prius, one of the best hybrids when it comes to fuel consumption and mileage and Honda Accord Hybrid with 47 combined MPG.

Tesla Model S comes with a great electric range of 208 to 270 miles, surpassed by Chevrolet Volt with 40 mpg on gasoline, 380 miles of electric range. Other environmental friendly models are the Toyota Camry Hybrid with 41 combined MPG, Ford C-Max Hybrid with 40 combined MPG and Volkswagen Jetta TDI with 36 combined MPG.

So, if you’re in the market for a new car, maybe an electric model can respond to your needs.

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